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book design | client: Pure Theory Publishing | 96 pages

This limited-edition book showcases 30+ years of book artist Dan Rose’s playful and poignant drawings. Careful paper selection allowed the artist to manipulate individual images post-printing using a variety of media.  

Pati Hill: Photocopier

book design | client: Arcadia University Art Gallery | 100 pages

This catalog accompanied an exhibition of Pati Hill’s work from 1976-80. Hill’s storied life is detailed in seven essays and 100 images of her photocopier art. This is the first comprehensive examination of her influence as a female artist.

B. Franklin

poster design | client: AIGA Philadelphia

In celebration of AIGA/Philadelphia’s 40th anniversary as a chapter, 40 designers were invited to create posters. The prompt was to reference the city and design writ large. My immediate response was to channel one of my historical heroes, Benjamin Franklin, highlighting one of his insightful sayings with one of his sight-full inventions.


The Art of Boat Names 

book design | publisher: McGraw-Hill | 172 pages

Born out of my love for typography and water, researching and writing this book was the ultimate joy and indulgence. In it, are 400+ images of boat names along with history, techniques and profiles of highly talented sign painters.

Propaganda Mill

poster design | co-authored with Harry Simons

A contribution to the Posters Against Ebola project. Proceeds of poster sales go to Doctors Without Borders. A full set of posters is in the collection of Poster House, NYC.

Edna Andrade: Color Motion

book design | client: The Print Center | 64 pages

The book accompanying an exhibition of Andrade’s work. Posthumously, Andrade is celebrated as one of the most influential pioneers of the Op Art movement. This volume includes unpublished work and aims to engage readers with greater context and depth.


book design | client: Harry Simons | 82 pages

Four-sentence “shortliners” reveal the power and intrigue of storytelling brevity.

Awakening Creativity: Dandelion School Blossoms

book design | client: Lily Yeh | 208 pages

Lily Yeh, a Philadelphia activist and legend, chronicles her process and collaborative work in transforming a barren factory in Beijing, China into a vibrant middle school for migrant children. Her participatory approach is inspirational and serves as a model for educators and communities.